Ice skates are worn as foot wear in several sports. They’re a type of boot in which a blade is connected to the bottom; it assists the wearer to glide easily on ice. Roller skates and in-line skates are also boots but with wheels instead of a blade to allow the wearer roll-on the ice.

The first skates were made of horse’s leg bones or ox and deer’s leg bones. They were connected to legs by leather straps. Now they can be worn in playing sports like ice hockey, figure-skating, racing, bandy and so on.

Ice hockey is one of the best loved games. This can be an indoor sport in which there’s a stadium which has an icy floor. In this game, all players use skates, boots with wheels or blades. These boots help them to glide and roll-on the icy area quickly. These boots are one of several various hockey equipments.

Hockey equipments contain:

* Helmet using a strap along with a face cage

* Neck guard

* Shoulder pads

* Hockey pants with thigh pads

* Hockey gloves

* Shin guards

* Mouth-guard

* Garter belt, which retains the pants together

* Hockey stick

* Glider footwear

The danger of any bodily hurt or injury is more concerned in the game of ice hockey compared to general hockey. The players have to perform on the ice area and on that they can’t walk but have the potential to only glide or roll. So, the danger of falling is there. All equipments are particularly created and created for the intended purpose of this game.

You can find lots of stores that sell only hockey game equipments. In this game, each and every participant has her/his own package. The hockey-stick is also created for ice hockey game. This game has diverse principles from a general hockey game. The floor is also small comparatively. This game is performed by men and women. You can find different Pucksack nähen for guys and ladies. The primary element in this game is the skates. This game is renowned for the purpose that it is performed on ice area sporting skates.