Deciding upon the strain of rabbit for the bunny farming venture depends upon the intention behind the farm. Some farms are dedicated to creating cats, whilst some have rabbits for their fur. Away from the rabbit farming stadium, rabbit breeds also increase rabbits for your pet marketplace or as a show animal.

If it comes to deciding on a meat rabbit then there are two strains to select from. One is that the New Zealand White, popularly known within rabbit circles since the NZW, and the other one is that the Californian. The desired characteristics of this NZW comprise good carcass quality, rapid growth rate, good reproduction prices and mothering ability. A NZW may attain 3 kgs (6.6 pounds) over 12 to 14 months old. The bunny carcass dressing percentage is roughly 50 to 54 percent of live weight.

The Californian is slightly more compact than the NZW and contains a lesser ending weight but has a greater carcass dressing percentage, provided that it’s a meatier rabbit proportionally speaking. Hybrids are made crossing the Californian dollars with New Zealand White does, to attempt to unite the better of the two traits. Occasionally the Flemish Giant may also be utilized as a terminal sire with the aim of having high meat yields despite its reduced reproduction prices.

Other bunny strains that could be contemplated for rabbit meat comprise the American, Chinchilla, Silver Fox, and Giant Chinchilla but almost all European bunny farmers utilize the NZW.

If you’re just starting off with your bunny farming venture, then it would be smart to start small, state using 20 does and two bucks, to obtain an insight to the company before entirely investing. Always try to buy from registered breeders since this should give you some assurance of buy. A good enrolled breeder will always work to fix a bad situation as it’s his reputation at stake. Additionally not buying from registered owners presents the threat of buying creatures that aren’t pure strain, hurt, potentially ill or genetically defective.