Exactly like women, men undergo hormonal fluctuations as they age. While not every single man encounters something similar to menopause in women, all guys to start to experience a decrease in testosterone levels commencing in their 30s. This decrease can be as much as 10 percent for every decade old. You can find effects from using this decrease which go far beyond the well-known impacts on the libido that a deficiency of testosterone may cause. Testosterone also affects bone metabolism and density – the decrease in testosterone in males as they age contrasts with a drop in metabolic rate and leading tendencies toward weight reduction.

This fall in hormonal levels was known for a while, but no alternatives were readily available for the issue until lately. Rather, studies have gone into remedies for erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems associated with the decrease. The Elsherif Clinic available for treating the sexual health issues have a tendency to fix just the symptoms instead of the underlying cause. There are choices which may take care of the issue naturally by encouraging the body to raise its own testosterone production.

As a younger man, your own body mainly takes care of itself but as you get old, you need to put in some effort to remain in good health. A healthy diet, getting lots of sleep and engaging in regular exercise can go a long way towards boosting your testosterone levels and enhancing your general health. You might even utilize natural supplements like Provacyl to help. Provacyl consists of natural herbal extracts and enzymes that are formulated to boost testosterone production and total male health. It’s made from natural ingredients and doesn’t have any side effects and can be obtained without prescription.

Provacyl includes ingredients like gingko biloba to boost blood circulation, Muira Puama to encourage testosterone production, DHEA and components that promote production of human growth hormone to boost metabolism and encourage the construction of new tissue.