As firms all around the world are trying their best to remain afloat by restructuring and downsizing, workers find themselves in the line of fire. Thus layoffs are now quite common, and most are forced to consider outplacement to new occupations. For the vast majority of these, needing to search for a new job can be a frightening experience. It’s up to firms to think of career outplacement programs that behave as a positive force for those employees. But why should a company care about the career of a worker who’s going to leave them?

The first and most obvious explanation is the fact that it makes business sense. For example, whenever a worker leaves you as an enemy, then he’s certain to carry this picture to his new place of employment. And when this individual’s new company is the customer, you can make certain that you’ve dropped a customer forever. Your picture in the market is going to be damaging and also you stand to lose prospective customers. However on the other hand, an employee who leaves you as a friend as opposed to an enemy is guaranteed to add value to your business. Firms using a vision for long-term growth understand that it’s crucial to keep a connection with their previous workers, since it is these workers who’d lead to new business opportunities.

When workers are laid off, their self assurance requires a beating and they frequently become disillusioned. As a company, your picture is represented not just through your existing workers, but also through your former workers. A disillusioned employee drifting aimlessly surely hurts your company’s image among your customers and competitors.

Successful businesses are the ones which are value driven, without a company that puts importance on values will ever need to have an employee to leave the company unassisted and with no tools which are necessary for re-employment. These businesses assist employees with tools to evaluate their strengths and select a course that’s only right for them.