Wireless routers have fast become a norm in businesses and households where more than 2 computers are present. A CentruryLink Router is going to provide you with wireless access to the internet within a specified region. Nevertheless, you will find a number of issues that you might encounter with your router, therefore forcing you to search for Belkin router assistance, Linksys router assistance, and other things. The next section is going to guide you regarding the way you are able to configure your Belkin router in accordance with your internet service provider which employs PPPOE.

Steps for Belkin Router Setup The next instruction is going to help you correctly configure your router and even more important, help you receive wireless internet connectivity. You might not require some belkin router support services for this since also an amateur would be ready to configure the router with such actions since it’s not a simple job to do and also find on your own:

• The initial step requires you to connect your Belkin router by linking the appropriate ports with the necessary cables.

• Click on Mozilla Firefox or perhaps some other internet browser you use.

• In the address bar of the web browser of yours, type and hit enter after that.

• The cover will display the selection of Belkin router. You now have to select a connection type.

• Once you press, you’ll be directed or maybe a password. Type in the password and in case you haven’t changed it yet, you have to abandon the necessary area blank.

• You’ll be directed to the Wide Area Network (WAN) connection type. You now have to choose PPPOE then click the next button.

• The PPPOE cover will appear asking you for a username and password. Both of these details will have been offered to you by the internet service provider of yours. Just fill in the fields with all the info and continue to choose the button; use changes. Your wireless router has now been effectively configured.